Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services uses the latest technology and best practices to personalize your hearing experience. By fine tuning your hearing aid programs with real ear measurements, you get sound delivered in the way you prefer to hear it. Hearing is a highly personal experience; it only makes sense that your hearing aid fitting should be as completely personalized as possible.

What to expect at your hearing aid fitting appointment

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to this appointment. Where some audiologists use a series of beeps and clicks to verify your hearing aid programs, Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services uses real ear measurements. This is a much more effective method of fine tuning your new hearing aids and utilizes a voice you are extremely familiar with – a friend or family member.

With this precise practice, a small microphone will be inserted into your ear along with your newly activated hearing aid. The audiologist can then measure how sound is being transmitted by the hearing aid into your ear. In addition, the sounds are converted into digital signals and displayed on a screen. This allows you to see how changes to the hearing aid settings alter how the sound is rendered. Moreover, by using a familiar sound as the benchmark, your hearing aids can be adjusted so that you hear familiar sounds as naturally as possible.

Hearing aids fittings using real ear measurements lead to increased wearer satisfaction and a decreased need for additional adjustments.

Caring for your new devices

In addition to adjusting your hearing aid programs, the hearing healthcare professionals at Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services will teach you how to insert and remove your hearing aids. You’ll learn how to clean and care for your devices, as well. If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, you’ll get training on changing them, and if your hearing aids use rechargeable batteries, you’ll learn how to properly recharge your batteries.

Adjusting to your hearing aids

If you’ve ever worn eyeglasses or contacts, you know that new prescriptions or new devices take a short period of adjustment. Wearing hearing aids is the same. During your hearing aid fitting appointment, you’ll learn the best practices for adjusting to your hearing aids.