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Helping you Receive the Hearing Care You Need

Grusecki Hearing Service is an audiology practice specializing in diagnostic hearing assessment, hearing rehabilitation, hearing loss prevention, and tinnitus. This includes the sale of digital hearing aids and wireless devices/streamers. Assistive listening devices and custom hearing protection can also be provided. Our objective is to provide an exceptional customer experience and improve satisfaction of hearing aid usage through education and scientifically proven fitting techniques.



Grusecki Audiology

Grusecki Audiology is owned and operated by licensed audiologist Jamie Grusecki Au.D.. Dr. Grusecki has over twenty years of experience working with hearing impaired patients. One of the strengths to her years of service is the in-depth training on hearing aids received through working for the largest global hearing aid manufacturer for two and a half years.



Answering Some of Our Commonly Asked Questions

Have questions about the importance of hearing healthcare? We have answers.

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are the only professionals who are university trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat audiologic disorders of hearing. Audiologists may practice in Private Audiology Offices, Hospitals, Medical Practices, Universities, Public Schools, Private and Public Agencies.

All individuals with suspected hearing loss require audiological evaluation to determine the type, degree, and cause of the hearing impairment. Insurance companies and managed care organizations are realizing that efficient cost-effective hearing health care requires that primary care physicians refer patients directly to audiologists to determine whether rehabilitation or medical/surgical treatment is indicated. Insurance companies recognize that only 20% of all individuals with hearing loss require medical or surgical treatment for their hearing loss. Rehabilitation treatment consists primarily of design, selection and fitting of hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices. These services are provided directly by audiologists.

Why Should I See an Audiologist?

Audiologists hold a master’s, research doctoral (Ph.D.) or clinical doctoral (Au.D.) degree from an accredited university with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairments. Audiologists are required to complete a full-time professional experience year and pass a demanding national comprehensive examination following completion of their master’s or doctoral program. Additionally, they are required to obtain 8 continuing education hours per year to maintain their state license. By virtue of their graduate education, professional certification, and licensure, audiologists are the most qualified professionals to perform hearing tests, dispense hearing aids and assistive listening devices, provide rehabilitation services and refer patients for medical treatment.


“Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services will become the hearing healthcare facility of choice in the Northwest Phoenix area. To accomplish this, we promise and deliver our patients quality and affordable audiological services ranging from initial identification of hearing loss to comprehensive follow-up services including education, counseling, hearing aid fittings, and rehabilitation.”

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Digital Hearing Aids and Listening Devices for Everyday

Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services specializes in digital hearing sales, diagnostic hearing assessments including the evaluation and treatment of tinnitus, and assistive listening devices.

The advent of cosmetically appealing hearing devices is here and when paired with features to improve a persons’ ability to hear in noisy environments, such as digital signal processing, directional microphones, and automatic feature activation, the capability of having satisfied customers has never been greater. Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services provides premium hearing aids and fitting processes that lead to increased customer satisfaction.



Offering Comprehensive Hearing Care Services

We are committed to providing our patients with the best hearing care possible.

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations and Hearing Aid Consultations
  • Baseline Hearing Evaluations for Hearing Conservation (DOT & TSA)
  • Hearing Aid Fitting, Maintenance and Repairs
  • 30 Day Trial Period on All Hearing Aids
  • All Types of Custom Ear Protection Including Swimmers and Musicians
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Cerumen (wax) Management
  • Speech in Noise Testing and Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

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We Look forward to Helping You With Your Hearing Care Needs

Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you and your family with your hearing healthcare needs.

Contact us today to request your appointment.


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Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services

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