Healthy hearing is something that most people take for granted until they begin to experience issues like hearing loss or tinnitus. Booking a hearing test with an audiologist is the most effective way to stay on top of your hearing health.

But should you really book an annual hearing test? Short answer: yes. Here’s why.

Hearing Loss Often Goes Undetected

Unless it has been caused by an illness or a sudden exposure to an extremely loud noise, it’s likely that your hearing loss will be gradual. When combined with the fact that the human brain is very good at trying to fill in the blanks, millions of people who experience mild to moderate hearing loss don’t even know about it until the condition has progressed to severe or profound.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to know if you are hearing the same sounds as someone else in daily life. A thorough hearing test will analyze the hearing capabilities of both ears – individually and as a pair – to identify hearing loss and implement the right course of action. In most cases, this will be a form of hearing aid.

While you cannot reverse hearing loss, managing the condition can slow the rate of deterioration. By visiting your audiologist annually, you will have the best shot at spotting hearing loss at the earliest stage.

Hearing Loss Impacts Your Quality of Life

Hearing loss can significantly impact your health and happiness, even when you do not realize it. For example, many people who experience hearing loss subconsciously withdraw themselves from social events, especially in crowded places. Similarly, they can become left out of conversations at work and leisure or unable to follow them in detail.

Additional impacts include being unable to enjoy music, TV, or the sounds of nature. Hearing loss is often accompanied by tinnitus symptoms, which can also lead to headaches. In turn, it may reduce work productivity, prevent you from exercising or enjoying hobbies, and generally sour your mood. The links between untreated hearing loss and depression are clear.

Any symptoms of hearing loss, including listening to the TV at a louder setting or not hearing the telephone ring, must not be ignored. An annual hearing examination can determine the level of hearing loss and advise you on the appropriate action.
The hearing test doesn’t only cover hearing loss

Hearing tests are complex examinations that check for the softest sound that you can detect while also monitoring your ability to follow speech and separate sounds in noisy environments. Meanwhile, your audiologist can help manage tinnitus symptoms and screen for potential hearing disorders. Likewise, balance issues can be diagnosed and treated as part of the hearing exam.

The hearing test additionally includes physical examinations to look for abnormalities with the ear while also examining the fine hairs, excessive ear wax, and other issues. In short, an audiology appointment is far more than a simple sound level test. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your hearing profile while annual tests give the added benefit of plotting any changes that may be experienced.

Should hearing loss be detected, your audiologist can additionally identify the best hearing aids. Once you find the right style of hearing aid, your audiologist can also book a fitting appointment to ensure optimal comfort and function.

Hearing Tests Give You Peace of Mind

Finally, hearing tests do not only support individuals who have experienced hearing loss. They can be equally beneficial for people with perfectly healthy hearing. As mentioned, it is very difficult to know whether your auditory system is picking up the sounds it should. Seeing the results plotted on an audiogram will instantly deliver the peace of mind that you deserve.

It can be particularly useful for anyone working in loud environments or who has concerns about their exposure to sound but can be equally reassuring for people who have no reason to suspect hearing loss. Furthermore, the hearing test and physical examinations will confirm that the structure of your ear is in good health.

For anyone who has diagnosed hearing loss, annual tests ensure that any further regression can be reported. This also means alterations to your management strategy to retain the best quality of life and protect your long-term hearing.

Book Your Annual Hearing Test

You already complete a range of annual health checkups, and it would be naive to overlook the importance of booking annual hearing tests. To learn more or book your next appointment, contact Grusecki Audiology & Hearing Aid Services today.