When getting hearing aids for the first time, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure they remain in good condition always. There are things you can do to help with the health of the devices, which can also help extend its lifespan. Here are some care tips for rechargeable hearing aids.

There are many things that you can do to make your hearing aids last longer and to help you get a better quality of hearing in general. Hearing aids can need replacing every so often, and so you want to reduce that cost in any way you that you can.

Wash your hands before handling batteries

Washing your hands is certainly important when handling batteries because the natural oils of your hands can easily contribute to faults in your batteries as well as any bacteria that you were to pick up along the way. Whenever you're changing batteries or even handling the devices themselves, it's good to wash your hands beforehand to ensure you are reducing the amount of grease.

Let any batteries breathe

Whenever you get new batteries, it's important to let the batteries breathe just like a fine wine. Why? Well, exposure to the air allows the battery to activate so that they start powering your hearing aids as soon as you put them in. That can be helpful for the efficiency and to ensure you're not damaging them by putting them in too soon.

Check expiration dates on batteries

Did you know that batteries have expiration dates? It's one of those things that we would usually forget about, but no one wants to waste batteries by accident. It's always good to check the expiration date and that you're using the oldest ones first. That way, you can rest assured that the batteries aren't going to be unusable before you even get to them. Batteries can also leak if you're not careful and you don't want that happening when they're in your hearing aids.

Keep batteries in a cool & dry place

The storage of your batteries is essential to making sure they don't get ruined prior to putting into your hearing aids. Direct sunlight exposed on the batteries can affect their performance and so the best way to keep them in good condition is by storing them in a cool and dry place.

Get a rechargeable battery hearing device 

Due to technology, there's a lot more out there now that can make life a little easier. Not only that but environmentally, we're all making progress to be greener where we can. With, getting a rechargeable battery hearing device is certainly worth doing. It can cut out the waste when it comes to batteries and it means the rechargeable batteries themselves will last longer. It's something you could also do with alternate batteries or perhaps by charging them when you go to sleep and popping them back in, in the morning. 

Keep sticker tabs on the batteries

With any batteries that are in a piece of technology or toy, you would usually pull out the plastic tab to connect the battery to the device. That can also be said for the batteries for your hearing aid. The sticker tabs that sit on the batteries help to protect the batteries from being damaged. It will also ensure their lifespan too. 

Getting hearing aids for yourself

Hearing aids can be beneficial for your hearing if you've found it to be limited. Hearing loss can happen as we get older, but it can also be damaged in your adult and younger years. It's worth speaking to an audiologist who can talk you through the process and getting hearing aids for yourself. For those who are getting hearing aids for the first time, you can pop into your nearest audiologists to discuss your options and to also run tests. 

After running tests, the audiologist will run through your options before suggesting various models. Once you've selected which ones you want, the hearing aids are then made to your specifications. Trial periods will also take place so that you can make any additional changes needed before using them as and when they're needed in day to day life. They're something that is worth getting if you think you might have spotted some signs of hearing loss. It's better than going without good, quality hearing. 

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